Weary of Maintaining Separate Accounts? Bundle the Services Together

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Recall the time, when you went to a local store with the intent to buy a single product – only you end up buying a second or a third product in the same visit. And, you paid for the three products separately costing you more.

Suppose, instead, you had the option of buying those three products all together at a combined lower price. What would have been your preference? Bundling, of course. When choosing between paying a la carte and spending more or bundling the three products and getting a discount, almost all will choose the second option.

A bundled service is a combination of several items as one ‘bundled’ product. Bundling usually characterizes a special pricing arrangement, which makes it cheaper to purchase the products and services as a bundle than separately.

When implemented well, combining multiple products together can lead to the growth of sales and create customer satisfaction. A win-win scenario; the customers enjoy a good deal, while the business’ revenue can see an increase.

Almost every market and industry bundles products into packaged deals. One of the examples is in the telecom industry, where you might get a discount on buying TV and internet service from a single provider.

As an illustration, if you choose a set of television channels, with a la carte solution you have to pay for each of the channels individually, whereas a bundle would give you a single price for assembly of channels. And, it’s more possible that a customer will buy fewer items with a la carte option.

Consumers usually like purchasing services in bundle format and combine packages. Here are some more reasons why:

  • With bundled packages you get one bill to pay each month, rather than two or three.
  • It is easier to buy and deal with a single service provider instead of dealing with multiple providers at once.
  • Paying a single bill reduces the risk of late payments, which may cost you extra dollars.
  • The excitement and versatility from buying multiple services in a single purchase.
  • Savings on cost and time as well as a variety of options to choose from.
  • The provider may also offer special features, a free DVR and other incentives when you bundle services.

With all that said, bundling is an attractive concept to consumers because they get benefits from a single, value-oriented purchase of complementary offerings.

However, one must select the best-bundled packages for a wonderful experience. Choosing the right service provider and selecting a bundled package per your digital needs is an important decision.

Frontier FiOS TV and Internet Bundles Bring it All Together

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