Additional Features And Benefits With A Single Service Provider

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The term “bundling” is a familiar term, with every consumer being well aware of it. Bundling involves the packaging of multiple items for sale at one price. Many companies promote bundling as economic value to customers.

Bundling is an attractive concept to consumers because they get benefits from a single, value-oriented purchase of complementary offerings. This allows the consumer to look at one single source with several solutions. Product bundling is a smart and profitable strategy for the business, too.

Here’s an illustration of this idea: you have phone service at your place and are looking for a provider to also install TV service. And $100 is what you pay monthly for the phone. You decide to call the customer care, who quotes ala carte charges for TV at $60.

However, an option is given that with an addition of internet the total monthly charges, shall be discounted to $200, otherwise the individual for the internet as $70. What would have been $230, the bundled services – internet, phone, and TV – get a reduction on the total?

You take the offer and the three services get installed from a single provider. This means you can enjoy all the three services and the business also benefits with the sale of their services.

However, one must select the best-bundled packages for a wonderful experience. Choosing the right service provider and selecting a bundled package per your digital needs is an important decision.

Why Bundle with Frontier?

If you’re looking for the best service provider in your area, we can help. Powered by world-class technology, Frontier Communications can connect you to the world with lightning speeds at affordable prices. Apart from great service and a two-year price lock on your package, there are some additional benefits and incentives that Frontier provides to its customers:

➤  Caller ID on your television

Enjoy the convenience of caller-ID information displayed on your television. Just get the installation of your caller-TV unit and see the name and number of the person calling you – right from the comfort of your couch.

Once you set up the caller-TV, there are no buttons to push or remote controls to deal with. This feature retains information of the last call and will give you the info of who’s call you might have missed, for example.

➤  No installation charges

Installation generally includes the provision of or connection to services required to make the installed equipment ready for operation. And the charge for installing something is termed as the installation charges.

Many companies charge for installation of the equipment as a technician is required. Frontier helps your pocket by setting up the boxes with free installation.

➤  Frontier Secure

Protecting personal information is always a priority to everyone. The Frontier Secure feature to protects your personal data, online assets, cyber threats, your bank information, and more. Thankfully, with Frontier Secure, you can protect your data for as low as $5.99 per month. Your devices can also be covered against damage and destruction.

The points mentioned above were some of the reasons why it might make sense for you to choose Frontier today. Here on, you can find many Frontier bundled packages to fit your digital lifestyle. Give us a call today to see if Frontier is offered at your address!