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Fiber-optic internet has quickly emerged as one of the leading internet technologies with its capacity to deliver a fast and consistent connection. As a result, more internet companies are implementing the use of fiber-optics to enhance the user experience. This article discusses what you need to know about fiber-optics and some of its key benefits.

What is Fiber Optics?

Fiber-optic technology uses glass or plastic strand fiber cables to carry information. They were designed to transmit large volumes of data over extended geographical areas with increased levels of consistency and reliability. That said, there’s a catch here: being a new technology, it hasn’t expanded to every area yet.

Benefits of Fiber-Optics

Since data is transmitted through fiber technology, the internet speeds are faster than its copper-based alternatives. Additionally, apart from providing amazing connection speeds, fiber optic cables are:


With no electricity passing through, fiber optic cables are generally safer from the risks of fire, shock, or electrocution.

More Secure

An important aspect of fiber-optics is the enhanced security that it provides to its users. The signals are transmitted via light which safeguards leakage in data. In other words,it helps ensures the security of your personal information.

Fiber-Optic Cable

Increased bandwidth, faster speeds, and consistency are some important attributes with fiber-optic internet. That means you may get an online experience that you may not have had before.

Does Frontier Offer Fiber-Optic Services?

Yes, Frontier Communications offers fiber internet packages known as Frontier FiOS in the United States. Frontier FiOS internet delivers lightning fast speeds at a guaranteed low-price.

So, why wait? Get connected with Frontier FiOS services today to have an amazing internet experience. Give us a call to learn more about Frontier FiOS plans. Our trained professionals are here to help you with the best deals for your home or business.