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With the rapid advancements, Fiber-optics has fast emerged as the leading internet technology in this modern era. The technology offers us a clean and consistent network to our households. As a result, more and more TV companies continue to adopt the use of fiber-optics at a faster pace.

Additionally, fiber optic television delivers more functionality compared with cable and satellite television. What’s more, fiber technology is responsible for delivering a great picture quality. Through this post, we will explain how the technology works and some of its advantages to their users!

Fios by frontier

The Functionality of Fiber-Optics

Fiber optic technology makes use of plastic cables to transmit information in the form of light. One important aspect of using fibers is its ability to carry data to a longer distance. And probably this is a reason for a good picture and sound quality on your television.

Advantages of Fiber-Optic Technology

  • Fiber-optic cables have much greater bandwidth than metal cables. This means that they can carry more amounts of data resulting in a highly reliable and consistent picture quality on television.
  • Fiber cables are much thinner and lighter than metal cables. So, they are less prone to damages and breakage.
  • As stated above, fiber optics carry light to transmit data. This allows the data to pass at a greater speed and a possible reason for lesser signal degradation.
  • Though, initial costs of installing fibers may be higher than traditional copper cables, the durability and flexibility of fiber optics could make the overall costs lower.
  • Additionally, fiber-optics is known to perform well even under severe weather conditions. They do not corrode in moisture or short out in the water.

The above were some benefits of fiber-optic technology that makes sense for you to choose with fiber packages for your household. And, if you’re thinking about FiOS TV or FiOS internet connection, get connected with Frontier today. Frontier delivers the best fiber optic services in the United States, taking your TV and internet experience to a level that you may not have had before.

So why wait? Call us to know more about FiOS packages for your households or business. Our trained experts are here to help you get the best FiOS deals.