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Do you remember a time when you had to patiently wait for the Internet to dial-up and the web pages would load at a frustratingly slow pace? Perhaps there was nothing much you could do at the time about such sluggish speeds. However, the rapid technological advancements since then have allowed us to have instant information related to any topic that we search for on the Internet. And that’s why in this era, with faster internet connections now available, a slower internet connection can feel almost unbearable. For example: seeing that spinning circle load, for what seems like an eternity, can be very frustrating.

The Frustration of a Slower Internet Network

There is no doubt that we are continuously moving towards becoming a complete online society with much of our daily time spent on the Internet. Be it in our office or at our homes, we rely on the Internet for our most basic tasks. That’s why noticeable lags in our Internet connection is an ordeal that can negatively affect our everyday lives.

As an example: suppose you’re watching an online movie. And while everything seems to be going well, the movie reaches its climax and suddenly starts buffering and stops. The continuous stutter in the video, in other words, can hamper your movie watching experience.

Steps To Troubleshoot a Slow Internet Connection

Check the Wi-Fi Connection

Perhaps the first step to check the reason for slower internet speed is to check your Wi-Fi connection and see if it’s working. In some instances, it’s probable that your computer is connected to some other network that’s not in a proper range of your device. As a result, you may experience weaker signal strength and find a possible cause for a sluggish network.

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Planned Network Maintenance

Speed-related issues can also happen when your internet service providers (ISP’s) perform maintenance on their network. During such planned outages, you may not at all get an internet connection.

Note: A reputable ISP typically notifies its customers well in advance about such network outages.

Connection Speeds Affected by Viruses

A virus is a malicious program that can affect the performance of your internet speed adversely. That’s why it may be recommended to run an antivirus program on your devices. Plus, ensure that your computers are updated regularly.

After the above fixes, should you see no change, it might be that you need to replace your current service provider with one that offers faster internet speeds.

Frontier Communications in Texas

Fiber internet from Frontier Communications- also known as Frontier FiOS- may be the best solution for the slower internet speeds that you currently may be subject to. What’s more, you may be able to find affordable packages from Frontier that fit your digital lifestyle.

So if you’re someone in Texas looking for a fast Frontier FiOS Internet connection, get connected with Frontier today. Call today to learn more about Frontier FiOS plans in Texas.