How Technology Has Changed The Way We Travel

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Recall when you were a kid when you had summer vacations with your parents and family. Carrying those bulky aluminium trunks from place to place, with the entire family accompanying along.

Cut to today. Planning to spend a long weekend for a short vacation, you browse the Internet, select a destination, book flight tickets and the hotel, and you’re all set for a quick weekend getaway.

Technology has no doubt transformed the face of travel and has made traveling convenient and affordable. Let’s go into more detail about how travel has changed with the help of technology.

Deciding On Your Destination

Back in the pre-internet days, you’d likely be turning the pages of holiday brochures to decide upon a destination, purchasing guidebooks or looking to a friend’s advice when it came to deciding on your destination.


In our era, those traveling no longer depend on such outdated resources to navigate to their destination. Instead, people get the privilege of instantaneous access to travel information across the web. A friend’s latest Instagram photos, for example, depicting their latest vacation may inspire you to travel.

Reserving the Flight

Before the Internet, you’d drive your car to the airport for the ticket. Or, call a local agent and spend extra dollars to get the booking done.

Gone are such days where you would need to spend so much time and hassle. With the advent of technology you can simply go online, hunt for the best deals, compare price, and in a few seconds, you get your vacation confirmed on your smartphone. Booking the ticket while on your couch or chair has become possible.

Booking the Hotel

Back then you’d research the hotel brochures, confirm friends about their stays on their own vacations, and then call the hotel to get a room. All negotiations took place over the phone, with a little knowledge about the room quality and the services.

With so many booking apps now available, you can book with your fingertips. And you can get a flawless and user-friendly experience that shows pictures of what your room looks like and the amenities offered.

You can also look at the reviews and ratings given by visitors to inform your decision. It’s true that the world is on the move and people are travelling more than ever. So, we understand how technology has helped us have better-quality, more comfortable accommodations with useful tools and apps.

The technology that underpins all of these conveniences is the Internet, which has empowered all of our lives. Moreover, to take advantage of the Internet’s many benefits it’s pivotal to have a high-speed internet connection.

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