The Importance of Home Phone Services

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Lady using phone and internet

With a rise in the usage of smartphones that lets us browse websites on-the-go, be online at all times and play games, a landline phone seems like an outdated technology. The rapid proliferation of mobile phones around the globe has caused us to look past the importance of our reliable home phones.

However, there are still some crucial reasons for maintaining a home phone. This article will provide an overview of some of the benefits of landline phones that still exist today.

Better Call Quality

Many reports show the sound and clarity in landline phones is superior to any cell phone. This can be favorable for the hearing impaired and those who rely on a clear connection. With great signal strength and no botheration of software upgrades, you can enjoy unlimited time to talk with no dropped calls.

A Home Phone offers Enhanced Security

There are times when there is an emergency and no one is around. You call the response team 911 through your home phone. Since your home phone is connected to your address, including the apartment number, the operator is able to send the help even if you couldn’t communicate completely.

Additionally, if your power is out and your cell phone is out of battery, a home phone can be your only resource to make an emergency call. Moreover, a GPS-based method is implied by cell phones to report your location in a 911 emergency.

That’s ok when you’re on the road, but if you live in a high-rise building, it won’t guide which floor you’re on. Simply calling 911 from your landline will get you the most accurate and the quickest response which is currently not possible with mobile phone technology.

Long Distance & International Calling

Reach out to your friends and family and if you can’t be there in person, let them hear your voice. With a higher call quality, utilizing a landline to speak with someone long-distance is usually the best method for communication.

In addition to these advantages, many home phone providers offer great and helpful features such as:

• Caller ID TV
• Call Waiting
Unlimited Nationwide Voice-Calling
• Voicemail
• Call Forwarding
• Call Block
• Non-Listed Number
• Non Published Number

Seeing some of these important benefits of a landline phone, it is a good idea to have one at your home. You never know when something unforeseen may happen, or when having a landline could makea difference in an emergency.
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