Is Modern Technology A Positive Source For Humanity?

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girl and boy using fios internet

We all are aware of the fact that technology has made an enormous impact on our lives. Year after year, it has continued to revolutionize our world. However, some feel that advances in technology has brought on negative effects to society. That raises this critical question: is modern technology good or bad for humanity? The answer, as with many complex societal questions, is that “it depends.” It depends, in other words, how we make use of technology.

While it’s true that sometimes we need breaks from technology such as communicative tools like texting, cutting off tech’s conveniences can be impractical in today’s world. What’s more, keeping pace with new media technology, for example, keeps you informed and thereby helps you feel more empowered throughout your day-to-day life.

While the debate over the impact of technology will always exist, let’s dive into some of the important and positive aspects of how it has bettered our lives.

Ability to Connect with People Around the World

It’s important to remember to stay in touch with our families and friends. Today, now more than ever, technology has made it easier to connect and stay in touch with the people we care about.

With the advent of technology, internet applications such as Skype, Google Hangouts, and many more allow us to have face to face conversations from long distances. This means we can cherish the connections we form in person, no matter where we are.

Helps to Boost Health

Different smartphone applications and websites help us to track and follow diets and exercise routinesin order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. And a healthy body means a strong immune system – which assists us in coping with illness and disease.

Most of us requireat least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise every week. And you can use internet technology to look at lists of suggested workouts, watch exercise videos, find out how to do an exercise properly, or locate exercise classes in your area.

Builds Careers

Are you thinking of starting a business without the hassle of leasing commercial space and taking out large business loans? Well, with the advent of new technology, it’s easier than ever to start a business without having a physical office space.

In addition, many individuals have chosen their careers as online professionals either fully or partially. And all that’s required is a laptop or a personal computer along with fast internet access to effectively conduct the business.

The above points show how technology has positively impacted human life and how dependent we have become on new innovations. And the primary technology that underpins many modern conveniences is the Internet.

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