Reasons For Your Slow Internet Connection

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Here are some questions you may ask yourself if you encounter issues such as buffering or regular stutter while watching a video:

Why is there continuous buffering? Is it due to a slow internet connection? And most importantly, how can it be fixed?

We are continuously becoming a complete online society. From watching TV shows, music content, sports, gaming, social media and many more – they all are made possible through internet access.

Thus, a good internet connection with a high speed is a necessity for today’s average household. Fast speeds help with a swift and smooth internet experience, no matter where you are. Most commonly, internet connection speed can be affected by issues within your computer or outdated browsers. Let us walk through this in more detail.

Connection speed is affected by Viruses

Much like the flu which spreads like haywire, the computer virus is a malicious program detrimental to the performance of internet speed. It has the ability to replicate into other executable code or documents and infect your computer adversely.

And once your computer gets infected, some viruses multiply at the rate of hundreds affecting other computers on the network. Stealing passwords or data, spamming email contacts, corrupting files and taking control of your machine are some devastating things a virus can do.

It is always recommended to run your antivirus at all the times, while continuously updating it. Moreover, ensure you scan files before downloading any.

Outdated Internet Browsers

We use web browsers on a daily basis, whether to surf a website or watch a video. Most pictures, videos, articles, and social media sites demand a web browser in order to be visualised. So, if browsers are so important, why do we put off updating them? Updates seem like a never-ending process taking into account the amount of technology we use every day. That said, regularly updating browsers could help boost internet speed.

Fast Internet Speeds Available in Your Area with Frontier

 After these two fixes, you can then check out your current internet speeds using an online internet speed test. Should you see no change, contact your internet service provider to find out if there is an existing problem from their end.

Still not satisfied? A replacement for your current service provider can be an option. You may be the victim of a slow internet network which leads to an intermittent, buffering network. This means that getting the fastest possible internet speeds on your devices is important!

If your internet speed is not fast enough to back your internet usage, you can always upgrade to a plan with the brisk speeds that are right for your household. And Frontier Communications offers such speeds.

What’s more, it’s likely that the speeds offered by Frontier Communications are unlike anything you have experienced with an internet connection before. That means more watching, playing and surfing with high-speed internet packages with a 2-year price guarantee.

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