Reasons To Hang On To Your Home Phone

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We’re in the era of mobile phones as over half of U.S homes are now fully wireless. Today, almost everyone owns a handy smartphonethat lets us browse websites on the go, be online at all times, and play games.

Therefore, the rapid proliferation of mobile phones among people across the globe has resulted in home phone services to be falling out of popularity among users. But even though many have turned to cell phones, there are still plenty of reasons to justify keeping a landline phone in your home.

And if you have ever thought of dropping your home-phone connection, you may need to rethink this decision. Here are some reasons why:


Landline phones are considered to be more reliable when compared to their cellular counterparts. Cellular technology depends on a network of radio waves, cellular towers, and satellites. Because of this, sometimes weak signal strength can result in dropped calls and fuzzy reception.

On the other hand, disconnected cables can disable landlines (although a rarer scenario); however, the problem can be remedied quickly. Therefore, a reliable reception with a home phone offers enhanced security during an emergency. Simply calling 911 from your landline will likely get you the most accurate and the quickest response.

No Contract

Depending on your phone service provider, you may be able to avoid a multi-year contract. This can be beneficial, as the contract could last for 12 to 24 months which are not easy to break. In addition, if you think of exiting your contract early, you may end up in paying hundreds of dollars in early termination fees.

Reduced Cost When Bundling Services

Some service providers give significant cost savings when you bundle your home phone with an internet or television package. One such provider is Frontier Communications. They provide top-notch internet and cable TV services in the U.S.A at amazingly low-cost prices. Plus, you have the option to not be bound by any contracts.

In addition to the above advantages, Frontier offers helpful home phone features. Some of them are Caller ID TV, Call waiting, Voicemail, and Unlimited nationwide-calling. Are you looking for one of the best home phone packages with the features mentioned above? Your search ends here with Frontier.

Frontier is a reliable home phone company that delivers a fast and consistent network. So, why wait? Call us today to choose Frontier as your new service provider.