Some Popular Social Media Channels

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Over the years, social media has shown a tremendous rise in the number of its users. The technology enables us to share our ideas, information, content, and news, etc. routing through virtual communities and networks. Let’s learn about some prominent examples of social media channels that have positively impacted our daily lives!


Facebook is the most familiar social channel that allows its registered users to generate profiles, upload photos and videos, send messages and keep in touch with our loved ones. Additionally, today, this network site is the most commonly used among people.


Twitter is a free platform that lets its enrolled members broadcast posts-popularly- known as tweets. Moreover, one can follow another member’s profile, like their tweets and even can retweet them.


The website is a free multilingual online encyclopedia that is known to be created by a community of users-Wikipedians. With the Wikipedia tool, anyone who is registered on it has the ability to publish content and articles.


Linkedin is a social media channel that was specifically developed for the business community and employment seekers. The site was launched on May 5, 2003, mainly used for professional networking, including people posting their CVs for jobs.


Pinterest is a social media network that facilitates its users to share images of their interest. Further, the site is majorly used by businesses to promote their projects, goods, and services.

The above were some of a few social media platforms that help its users to connect and share information and content to millions of others. What’s more, these platforms have been widely implemented by organizations these days to promote their brand.

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