The Importance of Faster Internet Speeds

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There is no doubt that the Internet is one of the most influential and effective technologies ever invented. Indeed, it is responsible for improving the quality of many lives.

Today, every facet of our lifestyle is impacted by the Internet – whether it be our personal or professional life. And as we move towards the future, our dependence on the Internet is going to increase more and more.

Whether it’s at your home or your office, we make use of the Internet everywhere for a wide variety of important reasons. This means a reliable and fast connection is a necessity now today more than ever as it helps you get more things accomplished.

And sometimes a poor and slow internet connection can really hamper your web experience. Admit it! Dealing with a slow internet speed can be really frustrating and annoying.

Have you encountered slower internet speeds while online? Is it something that’s once in a while? Or it is an ongoing intermittent issue? Well, if you’re regularly being bothered with a slow connection, below are some reasons that may be a possible cause.

1. Improper Router Settings

Improper configuration of your router can adversely affect the speed and the stability of your internet connection. In other words, ensure your router’s settings are always as per the manufacturer’s documentation and the internet provider’s recommendations.

2. Viruses and Other Malware

Viruses can be a possible factor for slower internet speeds. They can spread like haywire, causing possible damage to your internet network. If your computer becomes infected by a virus or any other malware, it may result in a sluggish internet network.

That said, it’s pivotal to install anti-virus programs which are regularly updated to remove worms and malware from computer devices.

 3. Perform Speed Tests

Perform certain speed tests on your computer to check the quality of your internet connection. After completion, if you don’t get a decent output it may be time to call your service provider as it may be a possible problem from their end.

Your internet provider may give you a possible solution to your intermittent network. However, if you still do not get a permanent resolution and do not see your issue resolved, it may be time to replace your current internet service provider.

Switch to Frontier FiOS

Fiber internet from Frontier Communications- also known as Frontier FiOS -may offer the best solution to the intermittent issues that you may be subject to. What’s more, it’s likely that the speeds offered by Frontier FIOS are unlike anything you have experienced with an internet connection before.

If you’re looking for FiOS availability in your household, get connected today with Frontier. Our representatives are here to assist you with a quick setup

Note: Verizon services have been acquired by Frontier in the states of California, Florida, and Texas. That means what was Verizon FiOS is now Frontier FiOS in these three states.