The Importance of Online Reputation Management For Businesses

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Online reputation management (i.e. ORM) is an approach that helps businesses respond and improve internet reviews left by their customers. Since online reviews represent trust for a brand, a positive online reputation can be a very important marketing asset for today’s businesses.

With more and more people online today, online reputation management has become an inherent part of any brand’s digital strategy. Online reputation management software programs allow business owners to proactively ask their customers to leave reviews about their experience and level of satisfaction with the company’s product or service.

This is important for the following reasons:

▶ It instantly alerts and notifies business owners about new reviews, which allows them to take action quickly.

▶ The ability to respond to both positive and negative reviews in a reasonable time frame. This can involve thanking customers for positive feedback or finding a solution to a customer’s grievance in a negative review.

▶ Actively promoting the company’s positive reputation through social media, banners, websites, newsletters, paid ads, etc.

A company’s reputation and trust can be its #1 asset. And it can be the basis for a new customer’s purchase decision. When a business has a great online reputation, it receives the following two benefits:

1.  Brands with a great online reputation are trusted more because people often believe in the opinions of others. If customers appear to trust a company or person, others are likely to follow with the same sentiment.

2.  More customers. Companies with positive online reviews tend to attract more customers, and this can result in more profits for a business.

The above are some ways that technology – using online reputation management as an example – has helped businesses better manage and grow their brands. And, to take advantage of all the benefits of online reputation management, it’s critical to have an internet connection at your home or business that delivers reliable internet speeds.

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