Video Streaming Constraints Caused By Slow Internet Speeds

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Internet speeds are usually represented in Kbps, Mbps, and Gbps, but it’s difficult to describe what should be considered a fast or a slow internet connection. That depends on the individual’s digital lifestyle and the internet options available in their area.

For example, per your own location, you may not have an option of choosing from multiple internet speeds. But for those who do have options, it’s crucial to know what types of speeds to look for.

A good internet connection with high speeds is a necessity for today’s average household. Fast speeds help with a swift and smooth internet experience, no matter where you are.

Many factors contribute to a high speed connection including location, service provider, available packages and more. However, a poor internet speed is the most common reason for slow streaming when trying to play high-quality videos.

A common problem that is usually experienced by users with a slow internet network is buffering which could be a result of a slow DNS server and poor signal strength. Let’s understand more on this topic and its negative effects on the end user.

What is buffering?

The dictionary meaning “to buffer” is lessening or moderating the impact of something. Sometimes a streaming video can slow down while you are watching your favorite TV show or movie.

And then there are times when your videos are stopped completely – in other words, stuck buffering instead of playing.

As an example, let’s say you are watching a video on YouTube and it gets stuck after a few seconds of playing. When it appears ready to go again, it plays for a while then begins to buffer again. It can take over ten minutes to get through a small video clip, and that’s after the video restarts!

You begin to think about the possible causes of a regular stutter in the playing. And then you run some different tests on your computer to eliminate the issue; however, nothing works out.

Now you are in a dilemma: why is there continuous buffering of the video? Are there other ways to formulate things in a better way? Or should you be looking for a replacement of your current internet provider?

You may be the victim of a slow internet network which leads to an intermittent, buffering network. A high-speed internet connection can alleviate buffering when streaming a video.

This means that getting the fastest possible internet speeds on your devices is more important than ever.

Your solution with Frontier

Fiber internet from Frontier Communications  – also known as Frontier FiOS Internet – may be the best solution to boost online productivity and the buffering issues that you may be subject to.

Frontier Internet Service Providers

If your internet speed is not fast enough to back your internet usage, you can always upgrade to a plan with the fast speeds that are right for your household. And Frontier FiOS may offer such speeds.

What’s more, it’s likely that the speeds offered by Frontier FiOS are unlike anything you have experienced with an internet connection before. Frontier’s fiber optic internet beats the competition and delivers lightning fast internet with a guaranteed low price.

These blazing fast speeds allow the quickest downloads and uploads while handling and streaming video from multiple devices at once. Contact us today to see if Frontier is available at your address.