Why Should You Choose FiOS Packages From Frontier?

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With advancements in technology, fiber-optic internet has emerged as one of the fastest forms of internet connections. Not only is fiber-optic internet generally faster than its alternatives, it can be more efficient and lighter on the environment when compared with its counterparts such as cable internet and dial-up internet. That’s why more and more internet companies are moving towards implementing fiber-optic services.

That said, a popular company that is known for its fiber-internet in the United States is Frontier Communications. They provide some of the best fiber internet packages -also known as Frontier FiOS packages–to deliver very fast speeds at affordable prices.

What Fiber-Optic Technology Gives You:

FiOS Speeds: FiOS internet delivers fast connection speeds that can reach up to 500 Mbps in some areas. And when you subscribe with a Frontier package, the FiOS upload speeds will match the FiOS download speeds. This means that you should enjoy a great experience while gaming and streaming videos.

More Bandwidth: An important aspect of fiber-optics is its capacity to carry more data than a copper cable. This increased bandwidth means more transmission of information that can be used for more effective communication.

High Reliability: Fiber-optic internet is highly reliable and the network delivers 99.9% uptime.

Why Frontier FiOS Internet?

It’s true that much of our time today is spent on the Internet. Be it the office or our homes, the Internet is something that we rely onto get basic tasks done. So for any online activity to run smoothly, both the upload and download speeds matter. And such symmetrical speeds are offered by Frontier FiOS packages to give you a wonderful online experience.

Furthermore, Frontier FiOS speeds can reach up to a gigabit in some selected areas. And these speeds could be something that you may not have experienced with an internet connection before.

So why wait? Get a FiOS package today to get optimum signal strength at your home at a guaranteed low price. Call us to learn more about Frontier FiOS plans and packages. Our representatives are here to assist you in selecting the best deals for your household.

For Your Information: The Verizon FiOS network has been acquired by Frontier Communications in the three states of California, Texas, and Florida. That means what was formerly Verizon FiOS is officially Frontier FiOS.