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Frontier Communications offers the best for TV, Internet, and Home Phone services.

Starting at:

$ 27 .99/mo[1]

additional per month for 24 months with qualifying Voice service and 2-yr.


  • Get the speed that fits your needs
  • Free installation when bundle

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Switch to FiOS and Save in Indiana

Reasons for choosing FiOS by Frontier in Indiana

Guaranteed 2-year price

Enjoy the same low monthly price on your package for two years when you bundle with Frontier in Indiana.*available on select packages

Free Installation

We will get your services installed quickly without any fees when you sign up with Frontier.

No Annual Contract:

Avoid multiyear contracts when you choose Frontier in Indiana.

Frontier FiOS Internet Service

Fastest Frontier FiOS Internet Packages in Indiana

What happens when you have a slow internet connection? Well, due to slower speeds the loading time of a page increases drastically. And then there are times when your videos are stopped completely. In other words, they are stuck buffering instead of playing.
A fast, world-class internet connection from Frontier FiOS can alleviate buffering when streaming a video and loading times while browsing. This means that getting the fastest possible internet speeds on your devices is more important than ever. With Frontier Communications, 6.73 million Indiana families get the best solution to all their internet related issues with Frontier FiOS Internet packages. That means the people of Indiana have a swift and smooth internet experience.
Frontier Communications also provides stable employment for those in the Hoosier state. Moreover, Frontier has helped the Indiana economy grow and has contributed to the lowering of the 8.40% unemployment rate.
Indiana residents can now save more when they bundle TV and phone services with a Frontier FiOS Internet package. The services remain at the highest standards, while the prices are slashed significantly.
Frontier delivers the best packages, just right for your household in terms of speed, price, and reliability. Find out more and give us a call today for Frontier Internet pricing options in Indiana.

More to Offer at Lower Prices in Indiana


Frontier’s bundled services are not just any internet, TV, or phone package. In other words, they offer more value than a typical bundle offered by an ordinary provider. From high-speed FiOS internet that features blazing fast, industry leading internet speeds to staying connected with a phone 24/7, to the flexibility of selecting your preferred channels with high-quality visual and audio with FIOS TV; Frontier offers you the best combination of services. And Indiana families can enjoy even more amazing benefits which are outlined below:

Huge Savings

When you bundle FiOS TV and phone service with a Frontier FiOS internet package, we cut down your overall monthly bill significantly. However, the high-quality of the services are unchanged. This lets you enjoy world-class services at a remarkably low cost.


Frontier in Indiana offers you the flexibility to pick the channels you wish to watch and the type of internet speed to fit your digital lifestyle. This personalized selection will inform your package and you will be billed accordingly.

Simple Yet Effective

Frontier FiOS Bundles saves you from the hassle of retaining different Login IDs & passwords for different services and a separate bill for each of them. With Frontier, just pay a single bill with a single Login ID. Simple, time-saving, and trouble-free!  

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What are you waiting for?

Start Enjoying Your Frontier Internet Today!

FiOS Internet 200/200

Plans starting at:


    • 200 for the price of 100 MBPS
    • 2 Years Price Guarantee
    • No Annual Contract

FiOS Internet 200/200 + Voice

Plans starting at:


    • 200 for the price of 100 MBPS
    • 2 Years Price Guarantee
    • No Annual Contract
    • Free Install

FiOS Internet 200/200 + FiOS Custom TV + Voice

Plans starting at:


    • 200 for the price of 100 MBPS
    • 2 years Price Guarantee on service
    • Free DVR Enhanced Experience*
    • Free HBO for 12/m*
    • No contract
    • Available multi-room HD DVR
    • Free Installation